Friday, July 12, 2013

Ferrari Museum and Test Drive!

Today, I visited the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy with two of my roommates from Florence. The museum had tons of F1, concept, one-off, and production Ferraris, and just outside the museum there were companies selling test drives for many Ferrari models. I've dreamed about driving a Ferrari ever since I could remember, so I took the chance today! 

The city of Maranello is home to the Ferrari production factory, but factory visits are only for the media and Ferrari owners. One day... We also drove through Modena, home of Maserati, and the birthplace and former residence of Enzo Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari is the man who founded the legendary company. They have created a museum with some crazy architecture around his former house.

I picked a matte black Ferrari F430 Spider, a convertible model. I bought a 10 minute/9 km drive for 70 euros, but the drive was actually longer in distance and time. I drove the sports car around multiple roundabouts in the city of Maranello, ending up on a highway. The driving instructor led me to an interstate, where I was stuck behind a few 18-wheelers. He led me off the interstate, onto a roundabout, and then back on the interstate for the drive back. There were no cars in front of me, so I floored the V8 Ferrari up to around 160 kmh, and started slowing down for a motorcycle in front of me. The instructor told me just to pass. This is when it got crazy. I flew around the motorcycle and didn't look down at the speedometer until it showed 220 kmh (136 mph). Totally worth the money.

The Ferrari was, without a doubt, the fastest car I have ever driven. It handled better than I could have ever imagined. The model I drove had a 4.3L rear-engine V8, producing 490hp. It was equipped with a no-clutch, paddle-shift transmission, and rode like a cloud. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It is so choice.

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Maserati headquarters in Modena.

Museum at the house of Enzo Ferrari.

This town was filled with Ferraris.

Caught one in the bottom left.

And another. 

Roommate Billy.

Roommate Riley.

The man who created these awesome cars. 

F1 trophies. They have a few...

V10 engines from the F1 cars.

Ferrari F40, the first supercar.

F50, the second supercar.

Ferrari Enzo, 3rd supercar. And my favorite car of all time.

First time I had ever seen one in person, I was so excited!

Rear splitter on the Enzo. 

Ferrari Enzo engine.

Billy with the F40.

F40 and F50, some of the most expensive (and fastest) cars of all time.

Exhaust of the F50.

LaFerrari prototype. The new Ferrari supercar.

He's got a sweet job.

170 euro for some sweet shades.

Pre-Ferrari driving excitement.

Take your pick of what to drive!

9 options in stock that day.

A guy we met took the 458 out.

F12 Berlinetta, fastest model available for rent.

Ferraris driving everywhere.

Getting more excited!

Ferrari through the windows.

One green Lambo in this Ferrari town.

Riley coming back.

Billy heading out.

Best 10 minutes ever. 

Post-Ferrari excitement. It lasted the rest of the day.

Countryside outside of Maranello.

Parmesan cheese factory visit.

Riley ate his weight in a huge Italian lunch.

Maranello=Ferrari. Modena=Maserati. Bologna=Lamborghini. Car heaven.

Lots of aged olive oil.

Panorama of the supercar room.